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Celebration of Sacraments


·        Our Parish Family is here for you.

·        Those who were never Baptized and the unchurched

·        Those baptized in other Christian Denominations and who would like to be accepted fully into the Catholic Church.

·        Baptized Catholics who for some reason have left the Church and want to come back.

·        Catholics who have just moved to the area but have not found a Church home.

In Fact all are welcome

 What will I benefit? You may ask. 

Well, Our Vision is that we all benefit. So we all become enriched.

·        Together we will grow as a Family. Children of God enjoying the Fruits of the Holy Spirit which God gives out through you and Me (Through Us)

·        We will learn together the Gospel Values and help each other live them. Together we will talk the Talk and Walk the Walk. It is a Journey together to the Promised Land.

·        Your Children will benefit through the Sunday school and Sacramental Education.

·        Your Youth (Teenagers) will benefit from our Youth Ministry. Where they will be helped to discern the many opportunities that present themselves to them and how to use their energies fruitfully.

·        Adults will benefit from our various programs for example, THE WHY CATHOLIC PROGRAM, Marriage encounter, etc. You will also be able to share your talents in the Various Ministries, Lectors, Ushers, Helping Hands Ministry, Willing workers etc.

Actually because you are blessed you will bless us. You will give us what we lack. And THANK YOU.

You want to know More Please Call 410-362-2000 Or Knock on our Door on the 901 Poplar Grove St. Baltimore, MD 21216


 If you are not Baptized or you were baptized in another Christan Denomination or you are a Baptized Catholic who has been away from active membership in the Church and wish to return, we will invite you to meet our RCIA team or our Pastor for the Initiation Process.