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Pentecost 2014

Posted  2014-06-27

Does it make any difference?                      

Lent came and is gone! Easter we celebrated. I remember even we dared to make a fire outside. And the Procession with Candles! It was nice. Don't remember much about the readings! I wonder how we could make them draw our attention more. And today Pentecost is here. So fast! Did I prepare myself for it? Let everybody be sincere with themselves? The readings tell us that the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Apostles spent time in the Upper room praying for the coming of the Holy Spirit. And us!!

Even if we did not do any Preparations. Today we are invited to explore more deeply "the weather of our hearts". To awaken our memory of God's presence and God's power in our lives - Here and now not far away in heaven. Just as on Pentecost day the lives of the disciples were changed ours should also be changed. A people who had lost hope are filled with hope. A people who had stayed behind bolted doors for fear of the Jews are now out in the Open proclaiming the mighty deeds of God. Just imagine if we did the same!

Today we are invited to look more closely at all the rich and varied textures of creation and give honor and glory to God. We are called on to raise our voices to challenge a culture that wants to No to so many good things. Our YES to all good things should overpower that. To a Culture which wants to say YES to all the destruction of life and the good, we should be the voice that shouts a Big NO.

In short, our Liturgy of the Eucharist today has a lot to do with our Liturgy of life. It indeed should influence the sort of people we become. It should influence the way we see the world and the decisions we make and how we make them. Today a radical change should take place. Just as those who listened to Peter speaking "were cut to the heart and said to Peter 'What must we do brother?", we should ask ourselves too. "What should we do that we an Easter people?" And the answer is clear. We should become Christ truly alive and ever present in our community. We should become more and more a Community of Faith. Firm believers in Jesus Christ as Revealed and Revelation of God. Let us have closer unity with God and with one another. Let us allow ourselves to be instructed, guided and protected by the Spirit of Jesus who is present with us to the end of time. Let us be a community which carries on Christ's mission. A community of TRUE LOVE. A community of persons who genuinely care about others, willing to put aside selfish desires and ready to put on the self-giving of Jesus. A community of Holiness and Wholeness.

Thank you Lord for giving us you own Spirit. We will continue to be living beings. Inflame the hearts of all people with the fire of your Love.