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St. Edward's Parish is working on a Five to Ten year Plan.

The Plan will be divided into three main areas.

1. Spiritual Growth

2. Improvement and Use of Plant

3. Our contribution to the Neighborhood.


With Gratitude to God and to all who made so many sacrifices to see to it that our Parish Buildings are claimed from the name abandoned Houses. I am so thankful that the work started back in April on Holy Week to renovate the Old Convent is near to completion - we still have the third floor to do.

Special Thanks to the Archdiocese of Baltimore for the Generous Grant from the Cardinal's Lenten Appeal Fund. This grant paid for all the Windows. And the building looks Gorgeous. THANK YOU.

The Chapel (which we still have to give a name) is of special significance. We are looking forward to utilize it for our Spiritual Nourishment. And the Kitchen of course will nourish our Bodies.

Open House or House Warming is events took place back in May 2008. Bishop Denis Madden Urban Vicar was the Main Celebrant and Homilist. We have been allowed to reserve the Blessed Eucharist in our Chapel. All are welcome for quiet moments of Prayer.

Please click on our Family Album to see some Pictures.


It is very probable that since the church was built, the kneeles have remained the same. No repairs or improvements on them. (Please if you have information as to work done on them, inform us)

Starting January 15th 2008 we started removing the old Kneelers to repair them. The wood seems to be still good so we will just restore it. We have purchased new Foam and new Covers. Most of the work will be done locally by volunteers. This means it may take longer time. Financial constraints have prevented us from engaging Contractors for the time being.

Please join us in anyway you can, in these our efforts to improve our Place of Worship.

Progress on the Kneelers:-

For us Easter brought with it an added Joy as on Holy Thursday we had completed installing the refurbished Kneelers in 25% of the Church. We hope that by May we will have half of the work done.

Up to August 25, 2008, 75% of the kneelers were repaired and put back in Place. We hope that before our next Homecoming all the Kneelers will be refurbished and in place.

PROJECT COMPLETED SEPTEMBER 26TH, 2008.  We thank God without limits. Sincere gratitude to all who made it possible to implement this project. All have done the work from their heart and without desiring their names to be publicized. It is the God who sees all and knows all who will answer our prayers for you and Reward you. May every knee bend and every tongue confess that Jesu Christ is Lord to the Glory of God the Father Amen.


The Statue of Jesus which stands our so well in between the church building and the old Rectory has lots its Thumb and other 3 fingers. It needs cleaning and some seats for people to sit and pray could welcome people to stop by and take a moment to pray. Probably calling for a Praye garden.

The good news is that we have contracted someone to do the necessary repairs on the statue and do the cleaning. We also plan a spot light at night. The Tree near the statue has been trimmed nicely and this has added light to the area.

Stop by and if you have some Ideas please share them. 

Sound System:-

Our Sound System is a challenge. A good number of Parishioners have communicated their frustration in not being able to hear properly the readings, announcements etc whenever we use the current system. Others have observed that they can hear better when one speaks loudly without using the Microphones. We are investigating ways to improve this situation. The way the altar is set now and where we have our Choir needs much improvement. The Amount of cables on the altar are a big challenge too. 

This certainly will be our next Project.

Updated 07/02/2010

We are Happy to celebrate. Our Sound System was updated and is up and running since  Pentecost Sunday June 12, 2011.


In May 2013 we managed to dig up all weeds infested lawn on the Southern part of our property. And we planted new grass plus we repared the curb. The grass is coming up nicely. It will take some time before we appreciate it.